Dr. Melina Roberts - The Top 3 Foods to Optimize Your Gut Microbiome

My guest on this week's Best You Podcast episode is Dr. Melina Roberts. Dr. Melina Roberts is a Naturopathic Doctor, Author of Building a Healthy Child, TEDx speaker and Founder/Medical Director of Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre in Calgary, Canada. She is recognized as one of the top Biological Medicine practitioners in North America.

Check out the episode to learn more about The top 3 foods to optimize your gut microbiome, how important movement is to rid ourselves of disease, how to optimize our body's electricity, how long Mom's should breastfeed, how to raise healthy children who have a good relationship with food, and so much more.

In This Episode:

(These timestamps are based off of the audio only version of the episode.)

04:09 When did you first feel like you knew how you could treat people for cancer using your method?  

06:55 What is really important for setting our bodies up for success other than a healthy digestive tract?  

10:46 What do you mean by electricity in our bodies?  

11:24 How does being out in nature ensure that our electrical functions are being optimized?  

12:59 When you say our bodies lose our charge, what exactly does that mean?  

15:00 What are some of the things that we need to do to ensure that our liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system are functioning optimally?  

21:28 How can we optimize our gut microbiome? 

24:53 If you had to pick 3 foods that could help optimize your gut microbiome, what would they be?  

30:39 Why are protein and fats important for the gut microbiome? 

33:28 What are some things that new parents need to know in order to build a healthy child?  

36:56 Why are you a big proponent of breastfeeding and how long should a mother breastfeed her child?  

38:46 How have you approached teaching your kids the proper viewpoint towards food?  

44:28 How should you approach raising a child who is a picky eater?  

47:55 Dr. Melina's 3 keys to getting closer to her best self 

Melina’s 3 Keys to Getting Closer to Her Best Self:

1. Realize that Health is always a work in progress

2. Don't get stuck doing the same thing every single day

3. Do less scrolling on the phone


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