Jake Thompson - How To Avoid Regret

My guest on this week's Best You Podcast episode is Jake Thompson. Jake is a performance coach & Chief Encouragement Officer at Compete Every Day who helps ambitious people build the habits, focus & mindset to gain their competitive edge in life.

Check out this episode to learn how he was able to quit the job he realized wasn't for him, why life is one big science experiment, why you have to press pause and step back, how to avoid regret, how to properly plan out your day and your week, the importance of visualization and so much more!

In This Episode:

(These timestamps are based off of the audio only version of the episode.)

3:00: How did Jake transition from his past jobs to forming Compete Everyday?

8:32: What allowed Jake to realize that his line of work wasn't for him?

16:27: At what point did Jake realize his business was going to be more than just him making t-shirts?

21:14: What is Jake's message to someone who is overwhelmed and unhappy with their current week to week schedule?

27:49: What should someone do when they start to feel like they've hit a wall and are going to be regretful of staying in the same place?

32:42: What is Jake's reflection process?

37:59: What is the biggest thing did Jake learned from his mental performance mastery certification?

39:29: Visualizing failure

43:11: What are three things that Jake can do to get closer to the best version of himself?

Jake’s 3 Keys to Getting Closer to his Best Self:

1. Continue to Improve Focus

2. Continuing to Work on Vulnerability

3. Learning to Love More and More Discomfort

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