Todd Kashdan - How To Accept Varying Opinions

My guest this week is Todd Kashdan. Todd is a world-recognized authority on well-being, curiosity, psychological strengths, mental agility, and resilience. Dr. Todd Kashdan, Professor of Psychology at George Mason University, has published over 200 scholarly articles and is the author of five books including his newest, The Art of Insubordination: How to Dissent and Defy Effectively.

On this episode, Todd and I talk about how to negotiate on your own behalf if you don't like conflict, how to showcase you're an expert to your boss and coworkers, how to properly disagree with someone, how to defy your boss effectively, how to learn to accept varying opinions and so much more!

In This Episode:

(These timestamps are based off of the audio only version of the episode)

2:53: Why is the topic of descending and defying effectively such a big pain point for the world?

5:16: What inspired Todd’s original idea for his book?

8:27: How does Todd think the problem of harmful disagreement can be solved?

12:25: How do stereotypes lead to your decisions?

17:11: How should someone who's upset with their employer's lack of acceptance deal with that issue?

22:04: What is some advice for someone who is naturally agreeable who feels that their pay is unfair? How should they deal with addressing their employer?

29:24: At what point is there too much diversity of thought?

35:04: What are some strategies to get through to someone who reacts in an abrasive way to new ideas?

39:55: What is the most important thing that Todd can communicate to the Best You audience about forming health and fitness habits?

45:25: What are three things that Todd can continue to do or work on to get closer to his best self?

Todd Kashdan's Three Keys to Getting Closer to his Best Self:

1. Cultivate Male Friendships

2. Carve Space out for Doing New Things

3. Be less hard on himself

Show Notes:

Make sure to follow Todd on social media using the links below, and grab a copy of his new book, The Art of Insubordination: How to Dissent and Defy Effectively by clicking here. Check out his website here.

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